Movie Review

Vella Illa Pattadhari 2

Directed by: Soundarya Rajinikanth    

Produced by: Kalaipuli S.Thanu & Dhanush

Music by: Sean Roldan    

Cast: Dhanush, Kajol, Saranya, Amala Paul, Samuthirakanni, Vivek, Monal Gajjar, Hrishikesh and Mobile Murugan.


By R.Durga
VIP 2 is now back with a bang! It entertains us more than expected and that, believe it or not, is its biggest strength. Now, have you ever come across such a superb, fiery, energetic nostalgic character such as Raghuvaran B. E? Raghuvaran @ VIP makes his impressive move as one of the best engineers in this promising yet entertaining movie. He is depicted as the main prominent character in the movie. Apart from succeeding as a film producer, Dhanush ( Raghuvaran B.E) kills us with his enigma, humour and style as a brilliant actor. In the first half, you could see the villain’s entry in an award function for engineers all over the country.  Vasundhara’s role played by Kajol is meant to be. She delivers with pitch perfection as one of the big bosses of a famous leading engineering company in India. As a heinous villain, she marks a lasting impression on audiences’ hearts with her great wits as the greatest tycoon in the engineering industry. She becomes instantly famous as she receives an accolade as the owner of the number one engineering company ruling India while to her big surprise, Raghuvaran was awarded the best engineer. A series of events begins to unravel as Raghuvaran struggles to become a good husband as well as a sought after engineer for the biggest architecture projects in the country. His efforts are ruined and impeded by his rivalry; a top notch of the game, Vasundhara. The movie does have wonderful dialogues and mass scenes by the actor himself. The action scenes are intriguing yet appealing to one’s eye.The theme song has remained a favourite for the younger generation as well as the romantic song wherein Amala and Raghu find themselves wrapped in wonders of joy again. What seems really riveting is how he battles Vasundhara with his wits and quick words even during his state of unemployment. He works himself towards a good career, for his buddies and himself by opening an engineering company. Even though he is the owner, a few events will take place and he will lose the company to his opponent in just a split second. Raghuvaran doesn’t give in yet. In one of the mass scenes, he mentions to Kajol, “I rather be a cat’s head rather than a lion’s tail.
Haven’t been thrilled so far?
The movie will have a lot to teach you rather than just watching punch lines delivered by a heroic star. The movie is actually tied to a subject of struggle and independence to think freely and becoming a successful leader than a follower. It ends with bits and pieces of humour from Raghu’s co-worker Vivek and his mother’s spirit appearing in one or two scenes inspiring him to do the best. What is the best from VIP 2? Apart from the heroic fighting scenes, you can find a universal hero for the Indian unemployed graduates and the irresistible yet unpredictable villain Vasundhara, like icing on top of a delicious cake.









Life in the eyes of Durga

I love seeking and telling the truth.My name is Durga. The actual meaning for my name in Tamil is journalism. It explains why I love plain truth and simplistic writing. I am bold enough to always open my big mouth to tell the truth rather than telling white lies.

The real truth is, I have never betrayed anyone, got drunk or had sex. Yes I never had.

The harsh truth is that not many people will ever believe if a girl aged above 20 confesses the truth out of the blue.

Would you believe?

As a girl living in a materialistic and corrupt world, I still feel I am innocent. I believe there is goodness around me and in most human beings.

You might wonder. Is this girl for real? Yes I am.

Girls like me do exist. I don’t have to lie or pretend.

I was forced to write this today morning not to prove my point but to let the world know the real TRUTH.

I can’t take it when someone creates white lies and spreads untruthful stories about me. Its an act of kindness to forgive but to forget, it might take time.

I do mistakes but I am brainy.

Simple mistakes like forgetting my phone when I am rushing out of home, getting angry easily, talking rudely at times and eating at odd times.

In fact, the simplest mistake I could do is to be too generous.Yes. I never think of myself at all times. I just do things sincerely for others.

There is one bad mean thing about myself. I don’t simply have myself available to anyone if they think they can use and trash me in the bin. Never!

Nevertheless, I do have some good traits. Well, my parents have raised me with salt and sugar. I have always experienced the bad and good, made judgments by fair means which is either never taking sides or being dishonest.

I always believe that after the rain,there will be a rainbow.

Some call me rude, some call me mean. I have been given several names. All that doesn’t matter NOW.

There are people whom I wished knew their true real selves. Yes. Them. They have created a world on their own where they only listen to their thoughts. Sickening thoughts linger in their minds.

I wonder how the world has made them corrupted. I have never liked condemning anybody for real. I wonder how they can do that on a daily basis.

The sun has never shone from the West instead,always from the East.

I have always looked at the brighter sides of life and the plain truth actually thrills me like nothing else.

This the real world. There are people who will kill or harm you if you are too kind, too dedicated, have tons of money, a good position in life or high status.

Stop reading and don’t go the next paragraph if you don’t like foul language.


You will know the deeper darker truth now.

I actually have been a very good blogger plus writer for sometime!



I have the best parents. They brought me up really well. Yes. They did. They have been the best teachers in my life. They have showed me what the real world is and despite that, my kindness and generosity makes them proud.

I have been more than grateful to have them in my life.

I call myself the luckiest girl in the whole universe.

I will never admit I am perfect. I do make tiny mistakes, grow and learn from them. The most sickening truth of my life is I am a workaholic and a dedicated young lady but my seniors never agreed.

They have always tried to find a mistake or two in my work. It did not upset me as the real world does work that way.

I have not given up!

In my opinion, the world is like a book. I will keep reading the next page till I get to the end page. Its gonna be real adventurous and fun just like a roller coaster ride in a small town.

I ain’t gonna give up on my goals and my responsibility for my parents. I always want them to be happy.

I have heard people cursing me, throwing tantrums but I have never allowed self pity to invade. Not even a day.


I always believed in my uniqueness as a human living in this wonderful place called Earth.

I always consider myself a rare gem and a lucky gift to my family.

I have come to a point where I let anyone talk or say mean things. Let them blame. The tongue actually has no bones but I have no regrets in life. I am well aware of what my strengths and weaknesses are.

In fact, their hurtful words made me the stronger person I am today.

Every person on this facet of this Earth will go through uphills to achieve success or they would have the worst breakdowns and finally reach to the top.

I have had my worst breakdown when there were bullies around telling me I am the worst person they have met and blaming me for the things I have not done.


I have met many bad mishaps and random fake acts.

As I am writing this, I noticed its already 06:08. The Sun is going to rise soon and yes, I have not given up.

Let them talk. I feel sorry for them. I am glad that I trust myself enough to let go. Let go of the bad.

Exhale doubt and inhale faith.

I have faith in God and my inspiring master.

My master always tells me to focus on the good things in life. Even when something bad happens, I have actually found something good.

Good days are coming. For real.

I CALL IT HOPE. I have never lost hope and the confidence in me. I know for sure I am worth something. I don’t think I  am perfect but I truly feel my attitude is worth a million bucks. I got the right attitude from my parents. All credits to them. How I see life in my eyes?

I see only peace and love can change a person to be kinder and sweeter.

Beyond all my flaws, I have always been sweet and kind to the people around me.

Well,we are human beings after all.

The true essence of life is to never harm anyone and always love one another.

“Go home and love your family.” – Mother Theresa.

Why is Black not so bad after all?

You are walking and talking with your colleague after a long day at work. While crossing the road, you happen to find a big signboard in front of a clothing store.

You are dumbfounded. On the board, there are words written…

“Dark black, pitch black or light black? “If it’s not Black, put it back!

You stop and think for a second.

Black is the color of sin, sadness, and darkness. It is feeling depressed or mourning for somebody. Why would I choose Black?

Truth is, different colors evoke different emotions!

Let’s say you are dressed up in a Black dress, matching heels with a Black handbag at a birthday party. You enter the room and greet a few people. They give you a quick smile and warm response. What crosses their minds when they begin to talk to you?


Elegance, richness, and sleek.


That’s what Black is all about. The most expensive color for the riches and the models on runways who prefer dark black than just pure white.

Most people in the city will not choose Black over Blue, Green or Red. They think these colors are more attractive. They could be wrong and so could you.

Black is now the new trend. It is considered auspicious in the world of Feng Shui.

Believe it or not, black is one of the most powerful colors and influence of positive energy. In Chinese Metaphysics, it is referred as Yin energy.

It is known as the color of mystery but yet it resembles elegance and power.

You can find Black almost everywhere. Black hair, black eyebrows, black mugs, black night sky, black coffee, black watches, black cars, black grapes and black suits.

Black suits are particularly worn for events and the corporate world. It represents dominance and authority rather than a display of elegance.

From now, the existing thought of black as grief won’t count anymore because pitch black is the new happy color!



The New Bespectacled Hero

It was a bright sunny Monday morning. Tap tup. Tap tup. I tiptoed towards my midnight blue car and all that I could feel was eagerness instead of Monday blues. I unlocked my car and drove towards the nearest train station. Shah Alam station.

Surprisingly, I was late to catch the train but as I sat and waited, my thoughts ran milestones away. I was thinking of this person who amazed me.

I was dumbfounded. I met this man in his 30s a year ago. He is always well dressed and looked decently good. He walks with a smile on his face and a charm no one could resist. The first day he turned up to work, he was sharing his food. It could be that he loved sharing but I found it weird that I was the first he shared his food with. He would have probably been his real kind self.

I’d call him the new bespectacled hero. He was amazing. He had uphold a sense of good virtues in him and set an example for his peers to follow. I wouldn’t call him ordinary John because he was actually something different.

An open book. You could ask him anything and he will never lie staright to your face. He is charming, honest and caring.

Well,time really flies. Previously, whenever I faced a difficult situation, I would ask him and even if I didn’t, he provided me the confidence, solutions, and trust I needed. In most circumstances, he uplifted my strength and cared for the real kind person I was and still am.

I was a little grumpy at work before but the moodiness changed slowly. I was as happy as a kid. Work didn’t seem like a chore anymore. It was fun and exhilarating. I used to look forward to go to work and not complaint at all. As hilarious as it is, you could find me explaining about work;yes! It was way more fun to work with a man like him. He just did know how to make laugh despite Monday blues.

He changed the way I perceive situations and circumstances. I would picture a glass half empty but to him, it was half full. In that particular time of my life, I needed a mentor. Someone who could challenge me.

I loved being challenged.

A series of events began to unravel as the days passed by. I was working with my team and he was working with his. My team consisted of lesser people but his team was a little different. There were many of them.

Typically, the two teams never had good times at work but outside, they do. We always had disputes and disagreements due to work constraint but it was still fun to work with them.

I’d admit that my job was an ordinary one. It was tasked. Repetitive ones and we did it over and over again. I got hold of the job right after graduation but it wasn’t the right one.

It was an inspection job. I used to check and write quality reports for the dry and frozen food in the DC in the vicinity of Success Park. There were too many logistics firms there but somehow my legs found their way to MB.

MB is a company situated in the middle of a forest area filled with trucks and logistic firms. Many people found it feasible to drive there. There were many workers but I was much happier with my team and the rest of them in the office.

What amazed me was the happiness and the belly laughs we shared and the lovable times. I’d admit that the new bespectacled hero was one of my favorites. He’d come in the office and the whole place would light up. Sometimes, the office members would get angry with him for his strict nature but not for too long.  He was a guardian angel for those who needed help and for those who enjoyed his company.

The version of a new hero has just gone up one level. It is because he has amazed us with his devotion and dedication to work. He spent sleepless nights just to make sure that we get to go home and rest peacefully.

I would rather admit that the new bespectacled hero is known for his great sense of humor and his way of getting things done. He doesn’t get angered easily but he does know when to roll his sleeves to get a job done and as for me, he has marked a good lasting impression. He does wander around and make the people around him think. No one is perfect but the role he played in my life seemed significant enough for me to change for the better and to accept life as it it is.

I could have fallen for him but no! It’s simply because I feel the connection I had with him was a deep one. A spiritual connection. He could feel my emotions and he always perceived the way I talk to be somewhat real honest.

That’s of course what I am.

Indeed, I was happier than before! He was an inspiring mentor and a person who had guts to tell me how good I was or how bad I was in letting myself get into trouble. I don’t usually get into fights but thanks to him, I avoided the biggest ruins of my life.

The memories will never fade. It will continue to live on.

I even remember him bringing one of my colleagues to the hospital one of the late working nights due to a leg injury. It was a rapid action. A colossal heart is how others would call him.

The memories I had are etched forever in my heart and they’ll never fade. It will continue to live on for seconds, minutes, hours, months, days and years ahead.

It was indeed an irreplaceable and amazing moment of my life. A good impression of what a real life hero should be like.





How do we appreciate our loved ones?

Tips to better appreciation



You should always show empathy for others instead of sympathy. Do you know that being thoughtful will easily help us live, connect and love others more deeply? What does that mean? It means you need to love others for whom they are and put yourself in other’s shoes and respond to them gently.


Who doesn’t like to be positive about life? Once you’ve found someone who is extremely positive, you’ll love to be around him or her. So, why not you be positive as well. Like attracts like. Positivity attracts positivity.

Willingness to communicate

Communication is very important to each of us amidst the gadgets powered era. Without the ability and willingness, to be honest with each other, there will be conflicts. The key to better at communication is willing enough to address an issue and talk it out with your loved one.


When you have passion, you’ll tend to appreciate others even more and to the extent that you’ll help them achieve their goals. Burning desire also means passion for something and that actually helps you to appreciate another person in life who is also passionate.


For more articles like this, visit the links provided. Have a good day. 🙂











via Daily Prompt: Opaque

In the world filled of colors and unpredictable weather, we realize that our thoughts make us and what we seem to have encounter at times is the way we express them in unique ways. People like you and I should eventually learn what is the important thing.

It’s all about the message we send across to our loved ones and how do we get a good message sent?

It’s by having powerful thoughts.

Short story : You and I 

Leana and Maria are two best friends currently living in Kuala Lumpur city. They happen to stumble upon each other in a moving speedy train. As opaque as it seems, Maria cannot recognize Leana as it’s been ages since they met.

She used to sip her coffee and talk to her during those awkward school days when both headed back late after completing their homework. It was something bizarre for Maria as she leaned towards the door of the train to see whether it was her.

She was dumbfounded the moment she gazed at the other side of the train. How delighted Leana was as she also looked at her but she didn’t feel strange. She screamed with excitement.”Maria”!

The two of them then headed for lunch in a restaurant and chatted. there were stories after stories and as they talked more, they had great laugh that hurt their bellies. The day turned even convincing but not when Rina suddenly appeared in front of them.

Pitch silence. Leena and Maria didn’t utter a word. Just a quick glance and both of them walked towards the bus stop. They waved goodbyes to each other.

AS Leena walked further away, she turned and called out to Maria. “I wish we didn’t see her dear. See you again soon..”

Maria glanced and smiled at Leena, she said, ” I’d wish she didn’t even existed,” and took the bus that just arrived.

Techno Geeks

Techno geeks.Here and there. Everywhere. Even when you take the train to your destination.

Have you ever wondered why people are awestruck and glued to their phones almost all the time? If you haven’t guessed it yet, the answer is most of us are techno geeks of this era. We love spending time on gadgets rather than having a peak look at our surroundings or the beautiful scenery around us to the extent that we don’t even recognize when anybody steals our  items or look at us.

Oops. Yes! Gadgets make us wild these days and even aloof at times. Recently, I was travelling in the train to work. As much as I love the company of my loved ones, I do get frustrated looking at the people at my right, my left, in front of me and even at the back of me.

All that I get to see is people staring or being immersed in their gadgets. Either it’s Face-booking, Tweeting or playing games, listening to videos, a lot of people tend to get strayed away from admiring the atmosphere or making new friends. As sad as it is, it’s all due to the fact that they are attracted to the intriguing gadgets rather than the people around them.

Almost half the people riding the train look at their phones the entire journey and some of them have a nap but only a few read books. The majority loves the gadgets.

They are the new Gods for them.

Jokes apart, as I was travelling in the train, I got to meet a young lady in her twenties who was very attractive not only by the way she carried herself but the way she held her novel up in the air while standing and listening to music. She was enthused to read and the people who had their phones on their hands were amused by her presence.

It is  rare to watch such an occasion.

The world has indeed have a bizarre change now,  from traditional reading to people getting hooked to their gadgets.

It’s a norm for many to being glued to their phones but many of us still love the smell of old books and the wonderful music while a ride in the train simply because it gives us the oomph of getting engaged to the stories to the extreme that we picture ourselves as one of the characters depicted  in the novel. We begin to be living a fantasy or become more creative with the words we use in our daily conversations. In fact, there’s no way you’re losing the battery when you read a traditional book.

However, the exact opposite for those who love the phones ringing to their ears as they dive deeper into the world of technology even if it takes them away from their loved ones or their ability to admire the things around them. There’s always more than meets the eye if you begin to read or just learn to observe the beautiful people around you!