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In the world filled of colors and unpredictable weather, we realize that our thoughts make us and what we seem to have encounter at times is the way we express them in unique ways. People like you and I should eventually learn what is the important thing.

It’s all about the message we send across to our loved ones and how do we get a good message sent?

It’s by having powerful thoughts.

Short story : You and I 

Leana and Maria are two best friends currently living in Kuala Lumpur city. They happen to stumble upon each other in a moving speedy train. As opaque as it seems, Maria cannot recognize Leana as it’s been ages since they met.

She used to sip her coffee and talk to her during those awkward school days when both headed back late after completing their homework. It was something bizarre for Maria as she leaned towards the door of the train to see whether it was her.

She was dumbfounded the moment she gazed at the other side of the train. How delighted Leana was as she also looked at her but she didn’t feel strange. She screamed with excitement.”Maria”!

The two of them then headed for lunch in a restaurant and chatted. there were stories after stories and as they talked more, they had great laugh that hurt their bellies. The day turned even convincing but not when Rina suddenly appeared in front of them.

Pitch silence. Leena and Maria didn’t utter a word. Just a quick glance and both of them walked towards the bus stop. They waved goodbyes to each other.

AS Leena walked further away, she turned and called out to Maria. “I wish we didn’t see her dear. See you again soon..”

Maria glanced and smiled at Leena, she said, ” I’d wish she didn’t even existed,” and took the bus that just arrived.

Techno Geeks

Techno geeks.Here and there. Everywhere. Even when you take the train to your destination.

Have you ever wondered why people are awestruck and glued to their phones almost all the time? If you haven’t guessed it yet, the answer is most of us are techno geeks of this era. We love spending time on gadgets rather than having a peak look at our surroundings or the beautiful scenery around us to the extent that we don’t even recognize when anybody steals our  items or look at us.

Oops. Yes! Gadgets make us wild these days and even aloof at times. Recently, I was travelling in the train to work. As much as I love the company of my loved ones, I do get frustrated looking at the people at my right, my left, in front of me and even at the back of me.

All that I get to see is people staring or being immersed in their gadgets. Either it’s Face-booking, Tweeting or playing games, listening to videos, a lot of people tend to get strayed away from admiring the atmosphere or making new friends. As sad as it is, it’s all due to the fact that they are attracted to the intriguing gadgets rather than the people around them.

Almost half the people riding the train look at their phones the entire journey and some of them have a nap but only a few read books. The majority loves the gadgets.

They are the new Gods for them.

Jokes apart, as I was travelling in the train, I got to meet a young lady in her twenties who was very attractive not only by the way she carried herself but the way she held her novel up in the air while standing and listening to music. She was enthused to read and the people who had their phones on their hands were amused by her presence.

It is  rare to watch such an occasion.

The world has indeed have a bizarre change now,  from traditional reading to people getting hooked to their gadgets.

It’s a norm for many to being glued to their phones but many of us still love the smell of old books and the wonderful music while a ride in the train simply because it gives us the oomph of getting engaged to the stories to the extreme that we picture ourselves as one of the characters depicted  in the novel. We begin to be living a fantasy or become more creative with the words we use in our daily conversations. In fact, there’s no way you’re losing the battery when you read a traditional book.

However, the exact opposite for those who love the phones ringing to their ears as they dive deeper into the world of technology even if it takes them away from their loved ones or their ability to admire the things around them. There’s always more than meets the eye if you begin to read or just learn to observe the beautiful people around you!

Trust of a friend is joy indeed

via Daily Prompt: Trust

What is a friend to you? Is it someone who encourages you to do what you want or someone who stand with you when everyone else leaves you? Which kind of friend are you?

Well, my definition of a friend is simple. A friend is someone who loves you for whom you are and treats you with loyalty and respect. He or she will never leave you behind.

The days seem harder or worse if you don’t have a good companion. The world seems upside down for you because you seem to lose hope if you can’t trust anybody. The company of a friend is the most important thing in one’s life.

Friends are the rare gems in the deep ocean. If you find good ones, keep them with you. I have three friends whom I trust a lot and they never leave me in the darkest moments. There were good times and bad times but I always have trust in them and the goodness in them.

The question that arises is, how long you could trust someone? For me personally it has been many years down the same road. We walk along different journeys but the same road is our destination. the road to loyalty for many many years.

My best friends Siti Fatimah, Manpreet and Teebastri have been and always will be the great pillars in my life. I adore them the most and the special thing in each of them makes me want to always be with them whether rain or sunshine. Few months ago, I was missing their voices and even when I think when would have not been free, they filled the spaces in which I felt empty.

The trust of a friend has never faded when you put trust in him or her first. Trust that you will never stop trusting and love is what you shall always receive. Friends are awesome angels and bright light in the moments of darkness.



Which Zodiac Sign is the most powerful?

Do you know that zodiac signs are the best way to find out what great future you have and what you do with your traits to realize it?

These are the four representatives of the natural elements, Fire, Water, Air and Earth are considered to be the most powerful characters in the zodiac.


People that belong to this zodiac sign are full of energy. They never stop, and if it is boring, these people will simply ignore you. They never rely on other people, but they take matters into their own hands. Individuals who belong here are persistent and will realize what they have in mind, by any cost.


Scorpios are loyal, but a traitor at the same time. People who belong to this zodiac sign are loyal to those who deserve it, but if someone hurt them, they can become emotionally aggressive and intolerable. Scorpio has great intuition and can foresee the things that you are not even aware.


The power of Aquarius comes from the ability to keep emotions under control or to completely ignore the emotions. Aquarius is infinitely curious and interested in many things. It is one of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac. People who belong to this zodiac sign are overly confident and stubborn.


This zodiac sign is superior. This feature comes from the their self-control.

The Humane Within

An angel lives among us

By R.Durga
“Human beings who look for a miracle, have forgotten what they already have. They breathe. It is because we are alive and breathing that we can treat others with ultimate kindness and humanity.
 It is with utmost simplicity that a man speaks from his heart to another. He is Prem Rawat or known with his honorary title Maharaji. He has been speaking to audiences and wonders he does to them through his public speeches.
Prem Pal Singh Rawat was born in Haridwar, India on 10th December 1957 and he is the youngest son of the late Hans Ji Maharaj. He speaks at forums and programs emphasizing peace message at a very young age.
 “ Peace and joy.. These just aren’t words. They depict the true meaning of one’s life,” he says during a public speech. Humans need to embrace and feel the importance of the most special gift in the world. The gift called ‘Breath’. When you realize it, you spontaneously become humane.
How? We wonder and ponder. He makes it very simple for us. He speaks with his heart and it is true that actions speak louder than words. He offers this simple yet profound message of peace to numerous people from all walks of life as well as practicing peace and humanity in his daily life.
His recent visit to the jail in Portugal on July 2015 has made a huge impact on the eyes of the public because he had spoken to the inmates there on the subject of personal sense of freedom and peace.  They see him as a teacher who teaches students the way to be happy and as someone who looks beyond the bad and good in life. For him personally, a human being can never lose hope and joy even behind the bars.
 “ The call for peace cannot come from the intellect, it has to come from the heart.” These were the words spoken by him in a public speech to inform the respective audiences that peace is within them.
Instantaneously, he has also addressed business executives, political leaders on the subject of personal sense of freedom during his visit to Portugal recently this year.
Ever since he was little, he envisioned a dream and has realized it. He has experienced talking to millions of people on the importance of individual peace all around the world including audiences in India, Australia, United Kingdom and so on.
His strenuous efforts of bringing peace to mankind became true when he first spoke in England at the age of thirteen.
Prem has been travelling to places for more than four decades inspiring people to feel peace within themselves and practicing kindness as well as humanity towards others.
His humanitarian activity began with his peace message to a bunch of hippies a few years ago and now he travels to many countries to speak to a variety of audiences on the possibility of peace regardless of their skin colour, background and religion.
One of the most inspiring words he has spoken and you can let you heart glimmer with joy would be, “ We learn about the relationship of others but we forget about the relationship with life.”
His wonderful words of peace include “ Peace isn’t the absence of war. ”  The world doesn’t need to be in peace, but people should be. When people are at peace, the world will be at peace too
His true and profound message has sparked hope in the hearts of young and old aged people throughout cities all across Malaysia and worldwide looking beyond the human ideologies in the technology era. He reminds the public to practice peace and change their world.
Words Of Peace Global (WOPG) a non-governmental and non- profit organization was created by Malaysian team in line with peace efforts by Prem Rawat and WOPG team has created a website that aids people to connect with him. The varied audiences can access the website to obtain information on upcoming peace events taking place from one country to another and from time to time.
When Prem came to speak in Malaysia in Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) in September this year, he made it clear in his peace message addressed to audiences. He emphasized that humans should focus more on human interaction rather than being techno geeks.
With sparkling humour, he says, “ You don’t even know why you are installing an application in your phone device that takes time away from you and your loved ones.
In fact, his commitment towards humanitarian response is well known. He and his group of humanitarians work together organizing Food For The People Program (FPP) through his creation of The Prem Rawat Foundation organization in 2001.
TPRF, a non-profit organization has been dedicating support and welfare to poverty stricken people especially the victims of the recent Nepal earthquake.
Prem Rawat created TPRF with one solid thing which emerged in his heart and that is to deliver the message of peace to people all around the globe. He says that there are 7 billion reasons for peace and he has also been named as peace ambassador in several countries including Malaysia.
 His commitment to humanity is endless and his team TPRF have come together to address the fundamental needs of food, water and peace for people. The vision is truly clear as they want to aid public and provide them the necessities and welfare of living a good life.
In addition, TPRF provides an eye care centre in India for people who have no access to eye care. Prem Rawat has worked brilliantly in helping people through charitable deeds and peace events.
Prem Rawat’s sole aim in life is to dedicate and help build a world at peace, one person at a time so that people can live with peace, joy, dignity and prosperity.
“ It is because of this breath, you can have all your friends and relationships.”
He adds on, “ The fulfilment is the same for everyone. It is not related to any religion, caste or creed. There’s no difference between me and you.
The human body that you have is not the gift of a government. It is the gift of  The Creator and it has been given to everyone. Peace is for everyone.”
Prem and TPRF continue to serve people through variety of programs and initiatives especially the people who have suffered from natural disasters in their countries. For several years, TPRF has partnered with charitable organizations that have aided directly with respect to its recipients.
Since its humble beginning in 2001, TPRF has made 160 grants to help people in 40 countries. Despite less time, Prem Rawat and TPRF had launched the Food For People program (FPP) and Peace Education Program (PEP) for people.
Food For People program helps the poverty stricken people in India since (2006), Nepal since (2009) and Ghana since (2012).
His main aim within the organization is to help people develop and live well socially, economically as well as being scholars.The young boys and girls from poverty stricken countries such as India, Nepal and Portugal are looked after and they have better improvement in their school attendance and academic also sports achievement.
Whereas, the Peace Education Program helps students and facilitators to spread the peace message of Prem Rawat to audiences comprising university students, lecturers and scholars.
In public speeches, he emphasizes on us being human beings to think life as an opportunity to be with our best friends. They are our ultimate kindness and humanity. The possibility of peace and humanity is neither absent in our hearts nor are they incepted in our ‘devil’ like minds.
His heart is truly colossal as he speaks of the real gift of life and he knows what it takes to spread more peace on the facet of this earth with his message of peace. He is humane within and a living angel among us who made us truly dumbfounded as he continues to spread his peace message and realize his indomitable will to serve people regardless their rich or poor background for now and the years ahead.


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A Man In A Fuschia Tuxedo

The night club was pitch-black. All of a sudden, a man in a Fuschia tuxedo appears and stands in the middle of a stage. Colourful lights begin to fill the entire stage. Wonderful music accompanies the man.

Crowds begin to scream and clap their hands. They are very amazed of the person leaning towards a pole. They begin to shout even louder. “We want more.”

Intriguingly, the person was a male and he is a pole dancer. His job is to entertain the audience. He dances on the stage while stripping off his tuxedo. He seems like a professional dancer.

The audience are in awe. He moves swiftly to the beat of jazz music. The crowd seem to have great fun and feel amused by his eye-catching dance.

As soon as he wraps up, his dance, the audience cheers his performance. He walks down to the stage with style and enigma. Tik tok.Tik tok. He tiptoes to his make-up room and finds something on his dressing table. It was his favourite dish, Yong Tau Fu. How unexpected? A smile grew wide to his cheeks.

After a while, he noticed a colourful green card left beside the packed Yong tau Fu. There was a message written on it. “When you are done with your dinner, come home because I’ve got a surprise for you!” the end of the note, were two words written, “Your Wife”. He felt chills sent down his spine that he nearly choked himself while reading the note.

The Pinnacle


The Pinnacle

By Durga Radhakrishnan & Manpreet Kaur


There was an enormous explosion.

It was as though a fist of white flame had decided to punch its way out of the 17th floor. Windows shattered, smoke rushed out. Thousands of pieces of glass and steel, a deadly rainfall, showered down. A huge bite had been taken out of the side and the roof of the building and the rest of the city of Kuala Lumpur was left with a smoke of white dust. It was hard to believe it had done so much damage. People lost their abilities to see colours.

Their world was nothing but shades of grey.

Tiara and Margaret looked upon their sobbing friend and drew near her.

“God, why did you do this to us?” Dianne wept in front of her Xcite Dance Studio.

“Don’t cry, dear Dianne.”  Both said at one fell swoop while patting Dianne’s back, wiping her tears and holding theirs.

“We can do nothing about it.” They continued consoling her as the trio sat on the cold dusty pavements of the once acclaimed the-most-famous-building-in-the-city, The Pinnacle; where these three beauties work.

Everything was dull and grey. Nothing excited anyone in the city anymore. Despite of the tragic incident, people continued their daily routines as usual, escorted by grievance and urged by the least emergence of hope.


It was past noon. Through the window panes, Tiara stared at something white; reminded her of the unexpected incident that took place some time ago.

She could hear the aggravating cars honking on the black tar road pavements across the street which was unbearable for her to kick start the day. She turned around to feel her store.

The Amethyst

As majestic as its name, it was once a prominent clothing store in the city. That moment, she felt nothing but despair as darkness began to rule her world. As the store’s owner, she felt utter rage and disappointment.

Colours were not her favourite anymore. She could only see shades of grey. The incident had torn even the littlest hope away from her as customers no longer visit her store to purchase myriad clothing.

“All seemed dull and grey. Nothing fascinating. Nothing!” Tiara thought to herself and irritably kicked the wooden chair ahead of her.

The store was filled with cobwebs and drenched with unpleasant odours. It seemed grimy even though the festive seasons are nearing. Tiara sulked like a miserable lady. She sat quietly on her round wooden chair across the dusty desk.

The cobwebs hung from the rafters and billowed in the breeze that stirred the dust in the store. They hung like great sheets of hair from an ancient hag, dirty looking and tangled. They were obscuring the little light that struggled through them.

It seemed like the store had turned older than her. She was in her mid-twenties.

Tiara loved to clean and keep her store orderly. After that incident, she refused to get dirt under her fingernails. It was as though she had lost her will to live.

The unavoidable pain. The new sorrow.

That day, she ran her fingers through her wardrobe and jewellery collection. The leather pelts and jackets were her favourites. For more than two hours, she felt herself wandering aimlessly in the store until she heard a doorbell. Tiara was taken aback.

“Who could that be?” She thought to herself.

She rushed to the front door to hear nothing. She was puzzled and looked out everywhere. It was pitch silence along the shop row.

“Hi! Could you help me find a nice pair of trousers and a shirt to match with? I need them for Christmas,” the little boy broke the silence.

He was surprised to see the dull and dusty store.

“This place has turned out to be somewhat old. Miss Tiara, I believe your store looks pretty dull. Don’t you want to clean it?”

Tiara was amazed with the way the little boy spoke.

“Young boy, there are no customers in here these days,” she put her head down in dismay.

Moments later, she walked up to the boys’ clothing department and  took out a few bags with clothes in them. She struggled to reach the compartment but somehow managed to open it. She took out a stunning pair of hemmed trousers and a checkered shirt that were kept in a leathered Armani bag.

“Wow, I love them! How much would they cost?”

“Only 35 after the discount for the coming festive season. Do you really like it?” Tiara doubted his remark.

“Yes, Miss Tiara! I really love it! Thank you!” The little boy exclaimed in a very excited manner.

As good luck would have it, he took out some notes from his wallet and paid for the clothes he chose without a second thought. He then bid goodbye to her.

The little boy stood by the rusty wooden door, dumbfounded and unable to picture the sadness and sorrow Tiara felt. Her silence gave him an idea. While standing there, he shouted real loud at the top of his lungs, “New clothes for Christmas! Hurry!”

Tiara was utterly startled. She thanked him and  invited him back to the store to favour her with some cleaning. Her sorrow  was wiped out completely.

“Amethyst looks brighter and cleaner now. I’m sure you’ll have more customers in here the next time. Real soon, you will be rich!” he whispered to her left ear.

She smiled and glanced at him. She said, “You just made my day. How can I return your favour?”

“You just did. You finally had plastered a beautiful smile on your face. Nothing more I could ask for.” The little boy tied her up in a warm embrace. They shared a moment of silence.

He then  pointed at the store’s door. Tiara gazed reflectively at it.

In split seconds, customers had crowded her store. Without turning back, she rushed to welcome her customers and began entertaining them as how she used to. She was so excited on her new prospering business.

Three hours later, her eyes began searching for the little boy.

“Little boy, where are you? Did anyone see him in here? Where are you, little boy? She cried out for the kind little boy but little did he respond.

The customers stared at her pretty face. Everyone was puzzled.

A young man looked at her confusingly and asked, “I was right next to the door the whole time; there was no little boy going in or out of the store for the past three hours.”

Tiara was stunned.


Sweet-smelling rain-washed darkness, freckled only by the fewest of stars.

The occasional hoot of a hidden owl was the only sound to permeate the silence until a chorus of slapping footsteps and crunching gravel echoed angrily into the emptiness of the night. As voices quickly followed, the owl omitted a screech of protest and took flight. It was a cold rainy night.

In a small studio, photo frames and glasses were decorated on the walls. Mirrors were hung side by side. It was the nicest place Dianne owned, her Xcite Dance Studio. She seemed depressed and her face lost its glow. The tears flowed unchecked down her cheeks and dripped from her chin. She was too sad to cry out or wail, she just stood there, looking at her studio, as still as a statue and lost in the torrid vortex of the moment she lost the ability to experience colours. She was forever tormented by a past that could not be undone.

Moving like a ribbon in the wind, she was timeless. Elegance at its finest and pain in its true form; she was a daughter of passion and an admirer of agony. She would float and twist weightlessly across the room, poised and balanced like she was made of silk.

That night, she lost herself.

She did not feel the urge to dance to the flow of the wonderful music she had always admired. All that she knew was she seemed hopeless as her eyes could not see the colours of the beautiful studio she had. The glittering lights were not as attractive anymore.

Out of deep frustrations and anger, she dashed out of her studio to the garden by the lake. It was pitch dark. No lights, no sounds of humans. There, she wept religiously. Her shoulders shaking with grief, tears were streaming down her already wet cheeks. Dianne’s cries were lost beneath the thunder that rolled overhead.

In the cold and dark garden, a silhouette was seen. A man with a charming smile came walking towards Dianne. He looked attractive in his somewhat black coat and pants. He glanced at her with nothing less than adoration and decided to approach her.

They gazed into each other’s eyes for a moment before he spoke.

“Hi! I’m Peter. Are you okay? You shouldn’t sit here. It’s going to rain heavily.”

Dianne presented him a fake smile and looked away.

He sat next to her on the bench. It was grassy and muddy but he loved the cold wet cement and the breezy weather accompanied by a beautiful woman by his side.

“You have not told me your name yet.” Peter started the conversation.

Dianne thought to herself, “I wonder what this man wants from me but he seems like a nice man.”

Her eyes glazed towards the grey lake instead of the man next to her.

“I’m upset. I don’t know whether I will be able to dance again. There’s no happiness in my heart anymore. Oh! My name is Dianne, I own the Xcite Dance Studio at The Pinnacle.”

Then, a moment of silence crept in.

“Why, I can help you with that.” Peter replied and knelt before her for a dance. She pushed his hands a way, indicated her decline and left Peter with uncertainty.

The darkness began to control her urge to fall in love and dance for one more time. She ran back to her studio that was just a drive away from the garden and slammed the door shut.

As she was having the time for herself, a little boy knocked on her door.

“Who’s there?” Diana called out while walking towards the door.

The little boy entered the room and found himself a seat, without saying a single word. Dianne was bewildered.

Then, he told her in the eye, “Dianne, are you going to sit here all night long just wandering your thoughts and not practice dancing? The concert at The Esplanade is next month. Will you be ready by then?”

Diana was emotionally exhausted to investigate further about the boy so she just replied, “I really am not sure. I don’t know whether … ”

“Why not?” the little boy interrupted her before she could finish her sentence, “In fact, you are an exceptional dancer, as if the grace of the angels burst into your limbs, guiding you to the unheard music.”

The little boy’s words lingered at the back of her head. She could not answer him anything as she drifted into consciousness. The world was a blur, and random images seemed to float aimlessly in the pool of her thoughts, as though they were being blown about viciously by a hurricane.

She could feel the little boy trying to look at her, staring dead in the eye, but she could not keep focus. The whole world simply felt low resolution, a bad quality movie. Confusion blossomed in her heart and she knew that sooner or later she would need to wake up. To stare reality in the face. But for that moment, she laid down her heavy head, and retreated into wallowing blackness.

The next morning, she woke up to find a dozen of roses on her bed with a letter next to it.

It read:

Dear Dianne,

If you still have the slightest spark of hope in your heart to start dancing, meet me at 3 at the garden by the lake.


Without a second thought, she got up from her bed and rushed to meet him. She walked to the garden and there Peter stood near the same bench they met the night before. They talked for hours and exchanged a few glances at each other’s lives.

Dianne began to smile again.

Whenever they meet, her heart pounded in her throat, threatening to break out. His eyes wandered around, hers stayed locked on him. How many love songs had she heard that said, “He takes my breath away”? Now that line made a lot sense. They met quite often and became really close since then.

Peter decided to join her in the concert. Soon after, they went to her dance studio and decided to practice dancing. They rehearsed every day. Dianne began to love dancing again.

“The song of our love is the melody that inspires our dance.”  Dianne felt uplifted with Peter’s words.

So they continued to dance and spin towards the concert. The lights were twinkling with every step as Dianne spun in delicate circles, her dark dress billowing out. She used to love things like this, the pressure of a warm hand on her back and the feeling of her small agile feet gliding along the floor. She had always felt like a small bird learning how to fly, flailing around and finally taking off with outstretched wings and wind swept feathers.

The day of the concert finally arrived.

They brought something to the surface, an emotion, a spark of hope that was seditious in those times. Without speaking a word, they conjured what the audience felt underneath, bringing a unity of mind the politicians could only dream of. In their movements were the foundations of a rebellion the state believed it had extinguished.

Dianne moved slowly through the fog like impossible silhouettes, tumbling more like a fall leave than human forms. It was ballet, but not in traditional attire; instead each body was clad only in charcoal grey. With the music they cast a sense of unease, a tension in the audience, a craving for the faster movements to come.

She paired with Peter for three songs. The audience were mesmerized and were taken aback.

“Credits goes to the mysterious little boy and to my dance partner, who is the love of my life, for showering me with abundance of love.” Dianne said in her gratitude speech when she was crowned as The Dancing Queen at the concert.

The same evening, they continued dancing at her dance studio. Music spun around them lifting away gravity. She could not count how many times she had squished his foot under her own during the rehearsals. Still, he smiled brightly as their heels clicked over the stage floor. He watched as her hair spun out and bounced more with each move and beat. This was perfect. This was dancing and art coming to life, strong pointed moves didn’t matter here.

All that mattered was the person in front of her.


The traffic was stop-start, cars were hopping down the road like hog-tied frogs toward yet another set of roadworks. The roads at the city centre remained noisy all day through.

The roads in the city were built in the days of wealth and grandeur. They were wide enough for several lanes of cars in each direction. They were flat and glossy black back then with neat lines of white and yellow like in the old movies. After the incident, they were just grey, cracked, pot-holed.

Margaret gazed across the street ahead of her in a cold morning. She worked as a teacher at Cradle to Crayon; a learning centre for the less disabled and children aged 6 to 15 years old for the past 6 years. There, she was known as the most friendliest, prettiest and punctual teacher.

That day, Margaret lost the track of time.

She silently crept into her office as she was late for work. The clock struck 1:00 p.m. She was supposed to be in an hour prior and she did not realize it. To be honest, she did not care about it anymore.

Margaret had lost her motivation to teach as she was unable to witness colours, only the shades of grey in her classroom. She was unable to connect to her students by relating their world with colours. Even her students seemed like little monsters in grey. She used to turn up to her class in beautiful dresses and miniskirts. After the incident, she only wore plain unattractive attires. Neither did she smile to anyone nor talk to any of the teachers.

Margaret was in the state of ignorance.

As soon as she walked into her classroom, looking as inspired as a used tea bag, just a few of her students sat still but did not stood up to greet her.

Silence took place for a second.

Without further ado, she spoke, “Students, take out your exercise books. Let’s discuss yesterday’s questions. Margaret did not care too look at any new students. She was merely staring at her book.

Some of her students giggled. She felt as if her heart was being stabbed with a knife. Slowly, the pain grew worse. She groaned desperately. She was on her nerves already. That very day, she raged with fire. Her eyes were swollen and looked like she was about to blew up like the volcano.

“Students!! I said, take out your notebooks and none of you replied. Is this some kind of a joke to you?” That was the first time her student witnessed the wrath of their favourite teacher.

Through the awkward moment, a little boy stood up and said, “Miss Margaret, I’ve opened my notebook and I’m waiting to tell you the answers.” He spoke for the first time in the class. He was a new student. The little boy managed to sooth Margaret at the right time before she exploded like a time bomb.

At the back of the classroom, two boys were whispering to each other and were not paying attention to her lessons. Maggie grew angrier and more upset. She immediately left the classroom and banged the door of her small office. The students were in deep shock. She sat silently on her chair and her hands trembled. She put her hands on her desk, closing her face underneath them. She was suffering from a deep wound that just grew larger with her students’ ill-behaviour.

The little boy was dumbfounded by Margaret’s unexpected reaction. She was angry and dissatisfied but no remorse towards her students. He walked out of the classroom and went to her office. The classroom was in silent mode, no movements. All students sat still. The little boy entered her office to console her. He never thought that she would be hurt by those young souls.

“Miss Margaret, you can’t be sad for other students’ faults. You can guide them to be better just like how you used to. I’m very keen in your way of teaching. You’re simply inspiring. Please don’t cry,” the young but matured little boy spoke with such wisdom and so much of love for his teacher.

Margaret wept and hugged the little boy that she had only seen for the first time. She then went to the washroom to wash her sad face away. Out of the blue, she returned to the classroom feeling enlightened to teach the students how to solve the problems. The day seemed to be more promising for the pretty Margaret.

The next few days of her life seemed better too. She regained her confidence and passion to teach her students. A week later, she stepped into the  classroom with a bright floral dress. She looked stunning and the students were more eager to learn from her.

Earlier that morning, Margaret bought a bouquet of red orchids for her late mother who passed away due to an unexpected horrific incident 7 years ago.

Margaret murmured to herself, “I really miss you, mummy. I wish we could still and share heaps of belly laughs again in the evenings while sipping cups of hot chocolate. But God loves you more. Life has been a real teaching for me. I’m learning to be wiser and independent without you by my side. Nothing stops me from moving on for you are always with me. Your smile is my guidance and your happiness is my strength. I love you, mummy. I miss you dearly.”

Margaret sat on her rocking chair in the last room of her learning centre. “Click clack, click clack” She heard footsteps approaching her.

There stood Tiara and Dianne, her best friends.  They hugged each other. They brought Margaret out to have some tea in the bakery shop near her house. They admired the aromatic smell of the herbal earl tea.

They have always enjoyed time together. The loud sounds of footsteps on the pavements could not beat the chattering of the 3 best friends. Sounds of birds chirping on the branches were such a melody to their ears. The ticking sounds right above their heads and their laughter were the loudest of all that afternoon.

They could connect with a new perspective of life, despite the work struggle. Hope still lit brightly in their eyes even though they were blind to colours their surroundings and all seemed grey to them. They were not blind to the true colours in their hearts. As pure as white and as good as money. Pure and happy. The city could not change the colours of their lives. It always seemed that they were the happiest.


The trio was talking about the little boy that had changed their lives for the better. They wonder if he would be the same person as he seemed to be the only normal one. By that they meant with colours. He seemed to be in full-form coloured before their eyes.

Unknowingly, the little boy stepped into the bakery.

Before they could greet him, there was a sudden blackout at the bakery. Everything turned pitch black. People began panicking and they rushed out of the place. They were terrified as they feared something worse than before would take place.

Amidst the darkness, a bright white light shone before their eyes and the little boy walked out of the light and approached the three puzzled friends. From afar, he looked like an angel sent from heaven. Tiara, Dianne and Margaret were speechless. Their jaws opened wide with utter shock. Surprisingly, no one was left in the bakery except the four of them. The little boy smiled at them and tiptoed on the mezzanine floor. Not looking back, he stood a few inches from them and snapped his finger.

Everything was completely dark again. The three women felt as though they were hypnotized to sleep. They passed out on the floor. When they opened their eyes, the little boy had already vanished from the bakery. The bakery was alive with lights again. Everything went back to normal as though nothing happened. But these three women felt a bit different.

The cups were bright colours again. The light were too bright for their eyes. The whole atmosphere turned brighter and vibrant for them. They rubbed their eyes numerous times with utter surprise. They could not believe their eyes. Were they really seeing their world in colours again?

“I can see everything in colours. What about you two?” Tiara asked her two friends.

Dianne and Margaret nodded with huge grins in reply.

They immediately left the bakery to experience the everything in shades that they have longed to see. Margaret was smiling widely while looking at the vibrant hues of the rainbow above her head. The other two joined in her happiness. They were delighted and dumbfounded at the same time.

Butterflies with striking colours flew around them and the people were wearing all sorts of colourful attires. The muddy road seemed brownish and the black tar road was clear to them. Colours finally rang the bells in their eyes instead of their dreams. Nothing could be better than this. The three of them giggled and walked back to The Pinnacle in tears of joy and headed to Dianne’s dance studio to dance their hearts out.

They were indeed the happiest of all.